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Posted on: May 31, 2010

Kara Walker

This was the interview from Kara Walker.

Kara Walker is an American artist who makes large size black paper silhouettes. She is one of the artist that i have been looking at it . She is the artist who had doing her artwork from her  own memory of childhood.The idea did i get from her is the memory.Kara Walker’s silhouette puppets reveal the veil of the American society. Simple, clean and provoking, and catches people’s attention to want to know more what the story is behind the silhouette puppets.

Kara Walker

“Darkytown Rebellion”

Installation view at Brent Sikkema, New York
Projection, cut paper and adhesive on wall, 14 x 37 1/2 feet
Collection of Foundation Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Luxembourg
Courtesy Sikkema Jenkins & Co., New York

VIDEO: Light Projections

The method is cut black paper silhouettes.Such as people animals and other characters. Her work is large. You might say that Walker has just one subject, but it’s one of the big ones, the endless predicament of race in America. Walker’s smaller works on paper, wood and canvas board. These are mostly watercolors and mixed media pieces that are like laboratory experiments in converting psychic energy into charged imagery.

This is my work.
The content that relate to my work is the memories.But it quite different thing of memories. My is the good thing that’s I love when I’m a child but her one is not a happy memories.
I was using the same method to created my photograph. Cut out paper stuck it on the wall then took a photos.
I really love this work because it similar to my work on Digital Image and also my photographer partner that i working with.Kind of memories and family of they own.

Chistain Boltanski

Bonltanski was born in Paris to a Jewish father of Ukrainian heritage and a Corsican mother. He lives and works in Malakoff and is married to the artist Annette Messager, with whom he sometimes collaborates.His artistic work is haunted by the problems of death, memory and loss; he often seeks to memorialize the anonymous and those who have disappeared.

Bonltanski is the one of my interest artist.I love the idea of how to present your work by the subject matter of your own memories.


Title: Faces

Work Date: 1966


I chose this image because it relates to my work . It is in the form of a collage made from overlay negatives when developing photographic images. Individual photographs of  a family are taken and then put together. This was the idea that I get from him and I try to make work that is  similar to him.  His Method is to take photos of an individual  person, make them  different sizes this shows how important that individual is or informs us about how much he wants to talk about that person. He then puts them together through overlay and collage. This can also support other content that is in the picture for instance we begin to notice   the background of the family.

Tittle: ” La vie possible”


I choes this picture because it similar to my work. I have been looking at Boltanski work.His method is present your own memories by making a model,turn the light on and projected on the wall then you can see the shadow on the wall.I was using the same method. Cut out paper (car,bike,book,pencil,shoes,child toys etc) and hang them up,turn the light on to get the shadow.

The hanging model.This was my work but this support to be rotate. This was one of my work that similar to Boltanski work. Using the same method to created the photograph.




Dan Eldon

 Dan Eldon was born in London on September 18th, 1970, and from a very early age displayed signs of an excellent sense of hum our. When Dan was seven years old, he and his three-year-old sister Amy moved to Nairobi, Kenya with their parents, Kathy and Mike Eldon.

Dan Eldon’s life has passed into a kind of cult legend.  His family moved to Kenya when he was six.  

 One short film shows The Lord of the Flies almost come to life, where desperate young children are fighting for food; another, a man whipping people to get them to stand back and fall in line for food.  His photos were sold to Reuters and received near-instant international dissemination.  Reuters put him on assignment.

Dan Eldon

Eldon’s collages mix the random ,newspaper clippings, for instance, with the particular (his own photos) and makes dynamic the relation of outsized events to reflective life.  The washes of paint and overlay of somewhat obsessive marks I see as the substitute for the verbal heartburnings he might have made, (and that his fans have made since).   At the very least, they represent a review and contemplation of the things he had seen and experienced, many of which would not be easily translatable into words.  Eldon’s work is generally seen in reproduction, but its quality in original would impart more crudity crusts of paper and glue and paint on a thin paper backing, so much so that each of the seventeen journals fans out and strains the binding and the cover another nice metaphor for the tissue of narrative order to which we bind events.

The Art Of Life

I chose this image because was one of his work that was the idea that i got from him.To make my work look similar to him.He method is taking photos individual a plase,himself,amimals making the collage. The content is the story behind it.He was travel to many countries and many things happen to him. You acn see from many different photos on this

This picture is from he journal book that’s his done. This was  quite similar to my photographer partner. She has done by the same method, make the collage and took photos. My idea is try to add some writhing, other photo or could be drawing into it.



Further Reading/Viewing:
Dan Eldon’s notebooks on the Library of Cultural Curiosity page (on sidebar)
Mark Bowden’s Black Hawk Down




Read more: http://lookingaround.blogs.time.com/2007/10/09/kara_walker_at_the_whitney_1/#ixzz0ppWd3jr9



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