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Posted on: June 11, 2010

Sarah Sze

Sze’s training is in architecture and painting, both of which exert their influence in her work. Sze’s art isalso conceptual, with a nod to pop, as she frequently makes use of recognizable objects, such as Q-tips, rulers, light bulbs, and Ritz crackers.  Each work appears to be in a constant state of contraction and expansion, so it comes as no surprise that installations can range from small wall pieces, to twenty foot-high, room-filling installations. 

Sarah Sze (American, b, 1969) Still Life with Flowers, 1999. Mixed media, dimensions variable.

Hanging high in the WCMA atrium is one of Sze’s untitled works from 2002.  The sculpture contains many of Sze’s signature objects, like artificial grass and flowers, a QuickGrip clamp, and a tape measure.  Despite the apparent chaos that seems to have dictated the selection of materials, Sze finds a way to create order. The artist says of her installation at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, “The idea was that we’re always in a condition of flux. When you view anything, you’re moving, even if it’s just your eyeball. …For me sculpture is an incredible opportunity for movement.” Like the universe itself, Sze’s work appears to be in a delicate state of balance, where the slightest shift could cause the entire construction to collapse.

Sarah Sze’s eccentric assemblages

Look at how Sze uses collections of objects to build these elaborate structures. Some of the parts move, light up or even make sounds. Her work seems a good response to the enormous streams of information we live with today.

I quite like this work because I used this idea to created my work. The idea of my work is hanging as well but just different material.


Georg Baselitz

Baselitz’s “upside-down” compositions are stable and strong and in no way detract from the power of his “abstract-figurist” painting, which is as powerful as a winter storm.Born Hans-Georg Kern in 1938 in Deutschbaselitz, a small village near Dresden, he enrolled in the Academy of Visual and Applied Arts in East Berlin in 1956. After two semesters he was suspended for “social and political immaturity.” Subsequently, he moved to West Berlin and changed his name to Georg Baselitz. There he studied the work of the surrealists, dadaists, and other European modernists, but it was his exposure to the work of the American abstract expressionists that was to have the most profound influence on the development of his work.


 Akt Elke 2 (Nude Elke 2), 1976
Oil on canvas
78 3/4 x 63 3/4″ (200 x 161.92 cm.)

The subject matter is depicted upside-down. While, the “upside-down-ness” of Baselitz’s work is the most obvious and provocative feature of his paintings, it is, in the end, an artistic challenge that the artist sets for himself. By doing so, he deftly combines the worlds of abstraction and representation.

This painting is one of the many portraits he has made of his wife, Elke Kretzschmar, over the past thirty years. In these portraits, Baselitz challenges himself to deny and suppress his emotions about his model to focus instead on conveying pure visual structure in paint. It was this desire to use traditional and recognizable subject matter to explore painterly abstraction that led Baselitz to paint his subjects upside-down.

Stsfan Sagmeister

 Stefan Sagmeister (born 1962 in Bregenz, Austria) is a New York-based graphic designer and typographer currently living in Bali, Indonesia.

It’s truly amazing what you can do to yourself and call it art. Most people would get locked up and if they started cutting words into themselves…Oh no wait Sagmeister’s a freaking genius so it’s cool I guess.

Sagmeister’s personal approach to his work has always been of interest to me. His famous self-promotion AIGA exhbition poster (as shown above) was made up of entirely of a photograph of text cut into his skin. It’s visually shocking, but does just what is needed for a poster to do, it catches the eye.

What was nice to see then is that Sagmeister is fully enjoying in a position of giving advices to unknown people. For instance, I liked the moments when he became very relaxed and in a sort of private mood, but then in a split second he has realized that he is at a lecture for  future successful designers and he was again very cool design.





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